Thanks for visiting my online Gallery! 
My name is Vldn Taylor (Pronounced Veldon or well done but with a V.) If you would like to know how I got my name, read the book “Notes from Out of the Shadows” by Garnet June. Or if you get a chance to meet me in person just ask. I was born in the Midwest and moved to Oregon with my parents when I was two. 
About my photography: I took my first photography class when I was in high school. I bought my first DSLR camera in 2011 for a trip to Alaska and I have been obsessed with photography ever since. I love sharing the natural beauty this world has to offer through photography, especially in the Pacific Northwest where I live. I like creating photographs that draw you in and make you feel like you are there standing on the edge looking at the valley below and the mountains on the other side, smelling the flowers, hearing the waves hit the shoreline, watching the storm clouds pass by or hearing the roar of the waterfall and watching the water flow over the cliff in front of you. I view photography as a tool to artistically recreate the scene that was in front of me. My goal is to create photographic art that inspires and evoke emotions. Please take the time to browse through my collection. If you have any questions about my work please feel free to contact me. 
Thanks for your time. Vldn Taylor.
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